About us

About us

KOMFOR Real Estate Agency is long time on real estate market with the mission to provide top of the class service and enable our clients to do their business in Montenegro easily.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with several decades of experience in real estate market. Our advice and devotion to our work will ensure that you bring the best decisions when buying, selling or leasing property in Montenegro.

Our agents will ensure full attention to clients’ needs. We are at your disposal 24 hours per day. We understand that looking for properties takes a lot of time and effort and we are happy to do this for you.

By using services of KOMFOR Agency, our clients have an access to whole real estate market in Montenegro. In case we don’t have a property that suit your needs in our offer, we will on your behalf contact other agencies, construction/ property companies and developers in order to find optimal solution that meets your needs.

KOMFOR agency gives special attention to long-term leasing of residential or business properties in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. We are specialized in high-end properties and we are proud to have numerous diplomatic missions, international companies and banks as our long term clients.

Our way of doing business and prices for our services are defined in our code of conduct:

Sales of properties

  • Agency’s commission on sale of property amounts to 3% of agreed selling price and is paid by the seller

Lease of properties

  • For one year lease agreement , the agency’s commission amounts to one monthly amount of the lease and is paid by the owner of the property (leaser) once per year

Of course we are aware of specific needs of our clients and are willing to set specific terms and conditions to keep you satisfied.